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Why would I want a QR code?QR codes are odd-looking squares of gobbledegook and, although they've been around for years, they're suddenly popping up everywhere. First designed for the car industry in Japan the system is now in widespread use because it's really fast and a great tool if you have a business/information website.

QR is short for Quick Response, which refers to the fact that someone can point a smart phone at one of these funny little squares and be taken straight to a website, and it stays on your phone. This makes them really useful for stationery, leaflets, brochures, posters, banners, vans and any other spot where there may be visitors interested in the service that you provide. You can even put them on t-shirts; in fact, you can have them just about anywhere, thus ensuring that nobody has to memorise your website address or fumble around with a pen and paper, which is oh so last year. Instead, a quick and easy scan means that potential clients take home your details for later. You can even have a one off barcode for an event or promotion, which links straight to a particular page of your website

Given that they're pretty useful things to have, Thisonly is now offering a QR code service. We can generate one for your site, where we'll place it on a page of your choice or on a dedicated new one. We'll also provide the code in Word, PDF or other format, and all for a piffling £30.00. So, at any time in the future you'll be able to share the code with printers or simply add it to the leaflets, emails and stationery that you create. You could even get yourself a nice QR code tattoo!

If you'd like a code for your site please get in touch and we'll have one up and running pronto.