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This is a Carbon Neutral website - you should COCO

Secure serversAll our sites are situated on a secure cloud hosting platform in a UK data centre manned 24/7. Such a platform improves reliability, speed, optimisation and availability (see cloud info below). Before you can get to them there are three locked doors to get through, which can only be opened with secure fobs held by named staff. And then the whole place is surrounded by a very high fence with an electric gate and intercom access system. Outside normal business hours scarey security guards patrol the area, so it's pretty safe. There are lots of other benefits too:


The benefitsUnlimited web space (no size limit to your site)
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The benefitsUnlimited bandwidth (no limit on traffic to your site)
Green tick
The benefitsUnlimited email addresses/mailboxes (POP3 & IMAP)
Green tick
The benefitsAutoresponders
Green tick
The benefitsMailing Lists
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The benefitsSpam Filtering
Green tick
The benefitsJunk Mail Filters
Green tick
The benefitsUnlimited email forwarding
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The benefitsUnlimited subdomains
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The benefitsAccess anywhere webmail
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The benefitsAccess to site control panel if needed
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The benefitsNo fuss automatic domain name renewals
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The benefitsFree search engine submission
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The benefitsAutomatic, daily site blacklisting checks
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The benefitsAutomatic, daily anti-hacking site checks
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The benefitsAutomatic carbon offsetting (see energy policy)
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.... all for just £6.00 a month. And if you have several websites, charges stop at £12.00, however many you host.

Your website and any associated databases are powered by multiple servers, so there's no single point of failure. This means that should one be out of action for any period of time, data will be moved to another.

Cloud hostingFaster page load speeds mean that your visitors enjoy a much better browsing experience. This ensures both your existing and prospective users get the best possible first impression.

The so-called cloud clusters (see pic), are set up to support each other and instantly provide the fastest and best option to serve your website at any given moment.

Downtime can never be totally eliminated because external factors sometimes influence performance but everything is set up to minimise disruption, which means happier businesses and happier visitors across the board.

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